Critical Care

Critical Care

The Most Advanced Hospital and Trauma Center in Southeast Texas

Certified as Southeast Texas’ most advanced trauma center, with dedicated trauma surgeons, our hospital and Emergency Department are equipped with advanced technology and imaging that helps to provide fast and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

If in an emergency, Call: 911, and request CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth. Tell them we’ll be expecting you.

CHRISTUS Alert System

Critical Care

The moment CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth receives word a seriously injured or critical patient needs immediate care, specially trained personnel of varying disciplines immediately begin preparing for their treatment. The first of it’s kind in Southeast Texas, a multialert rapid response system mobilizes resources, doctors, specialists and staff to evaluate and treat severe traumas, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrest-induced comas and major life–threatening infections known as sepsis.

Clinical Excellence Awards:

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission for Diabetes, Heart Failure and Stroke
  • Get With the Guidelines Gold Award for Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease and Level I Stroke program
  • Partnership with St. Luke’s Neuroscience Department
Critical Care

Trauma Care

Lifesaving trauma care requires a specialist. Board certified general/trauma surgeons David Parkus, MD, Eric Wooten, DO and Dar Kavouspour, MD, lead our specialized trauma services team. In turn, they are supported by highly trained critical care nurses andtechnicians. The moment our Trauma Center receives notification a seriously injured patient is en route to the ER, our trauma/critical care team instantly mobilizes in preparation for their diagnosis and treatment. Certified as Southeast Texas’ most advanced trauma center, we are here 24 hours a day, every day – working together to make sure that even the worst of injuries have the best possible outcome.

CHRISTUS Dedicated Trauma Surgeons:

Board–certified surgeons, all specializing in critical care, trauma surgery and general surgery.

Eric Wooten, DO

David Parkus, MD

Dar Kavaouspour, MD

Intensivist Care

CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth has the only Intensive Care Unit in the community that provides medical care by dedicated Intensivists. Board–Certified Pulmonologists, Nathaniel J. Alford, MD, Audrey N. Nguyen, MD, and Harold Z. Bencowitz, MD, provide the highest level of specialized care for critically ill patients. Working closely with hospital staff, family physicians and internists, they coordinate their patients’ care while keeping the medical team involved and informed. National studies have shown that patients treated in the ICU by specially trained Intensivists experience faster recovery times and better outcomes. So if and when the unexpected happens, you can expect the best of care. Right here in Southeast Texas. Where you need it most.

CHRISTUS Dedicated Intensivist Team:

Board–certified specializing in intensive care.

Nathaniel J. Alford, MD

Audrey N. Nguyen, MD

Harold Z. Bencowitz, MD